Christina (Leser) Kristiansson


Tel: +46 730 282 492 / +49 1763 880 41 65




Address: Svante Simonssons Väg 11, 67010 Töcksfors (Värmland)


Authorised in: Dalsland








Availability: Part time. (Unavailable in July)


Specialities: Nature guide on foot or bicycle. Tine also provides guiding services to sites of cultural interest.


Tax Registered


My name is Tine (Leser) Kristiansson and I am based in Töcksfors in Värmland but was raised in Füssen, Bavaria on the northern edge of the Alps. There, I discovered an interest for hiking, cycling and nature guiding as well as leading visits to areas of cultural interest. Since studying as a nature guide in Dalsland (on the border with Norway) I guide groups in both Dalsland and Nordmarken, southern Värmland.