Torbjörn Karlsson


Tel: +46 738 10 90 50




Address: Berg 220, 464 65 Brålanda


Authorised in: Dalsland








Availability: Part time


Specialities: Biking and hiking.


Tax registered.


I consider myself a true patriot of Dalsland. Studying as a ‘Dalsland’s Guide’ I hoped to learn more about the area and become an even better ambassador for this magic province. I am always looking for new hidden gems and revisiting old spots that I am particularly fond of. I love to share these places with visitors and show what Dalsland has to offer. During my studies, my absolute favourite word must have been ‘anecdote’. Every corner of Dalsland sparks some anecdote to life and I look forward to sharing many of them during your visit while taking you to places you would not have found alone.