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Interested in visiting ‘Ödskölt’, its landscape shaped by the Scandinavian ice sheet 10 000 years ago? Wandering through the stunning scenery of the classic Swedish film, ‘Ronja the robber's daughter’? Taking a lakeside coffee at Dalsland’s art museum? Or watching the lock-keeper operate the gates by hand at Buterud?

Dalslandsguider (Guides of Dalsland) can help you discover hundreds of fascinating spots here in one of Sweden’s smallest provinces. With a range of specialities we offer trips into wild and urban landscapes. On foot or by bus, we will share our knowledge of the present and past, to make the most of your visit to this unique province.

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Dalsland, on the frontier between Sweden and Norway, has long been of great strategic importance. This led to the establishment of the middle age castle ‘Dalaborg’, on Lake Värnen’s coast. In the Swedish historian Dick Harrison’s book, ‘Dalslands Historia’ (the history of Dalsland), Harrison describes the area as the cradle of the nation due to its key role in the political history of Sweden.


During the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Dalsland was at the forefront of the iron industry on a global scale just as it was toward the end of the 19th century in the paper industry. Also in the 19th century, enormous quantities of oats were grown here and exported to feed the substantial number of horses used for transport in the streets of London. Dalsland’s history is truly rich and unique.


Prince Eugene is said to have minted the phrase ‘Dalsland is Sweden in miniature’. With its deep forests, thousands of lakes, flat plains and beautiful coastline on Lake Vänern, no other region offers such varying landscapes in so small an area. Here you will find calm, untouched nature and awe-inspiring views. Flowing gently down from Varmland and Norway, Dalsland’s Canal is described as one of the most picturesque in the world.


Dalsland is also booming with creativity. If you are looking for cultural inspiration then this is the perfect destination. ‘Åmåls Bluesfest’ the annual blues festival, the book convention ’Bokdagar i Dalsland’, the arts and crafts collective ’Not Quite’, Dalsland’s art trail ’Konstvandring i Dalsland’, ’Halmens Hus’ the straw craft museum in Bengtsfors and Dalsland’s museum of art are just a selection of places to visit.


Dalsland is a rare gem among Sweden’s provinces. A place for both the body and soul...a place to feel good.

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